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The Youth Ministry at Central is dedicated to meeting all youth right where they are--both in life and in their spiritual journey. We are dedicated to forming safe, deep and meaningful relationships with our young people. Our goal is to be a Christian example going before them to show them the way, be beside them to guide them on their journey, and be behind them to catch them when they fall.

Our Youth Ministry offers Youth Group, which meets every Sunday evenings during the academic school year, as well as missions, outings and retreats.

A fun outing for the Youth Group to Frye's Skating Rink.

Fun outing to Frye's Skating Rink!

June 2022

A youth mission trip to Costa Rica.

Youth mission trip to Costa Rica.



In many United Methodist congregations, preparation for confirmation begins when youth enter their middle school years.  The middle school years (6th-8th grades) are when young people begin to move from concrete thinking to abstract thinking and is when many people begin to make lifelong faith decisions.  During these middle school years, youth are seeking a sense of belonging.  Belonging to the community of faith is an appropriate response to that developmental task.

Central offers a formal process with a class-leading to the ritual of confirmation for those who choose to receive it and are deemed ready to do so by our pastors.  We begin the confirmation process in sixth and/or seventh grade based on interest.  Confirmation usually meets each Sunday during the Sunday School hour, attends a retreat, and ends with confirmation during a special worship service.  


April 30, 2023

A group of young boys that make up our 2023 Confirmation Class.
A group of young boys that make up our 2023 Confirmation Class.

Central is dedicated to protecting its children and youth.  We have a Safe Sanctuaries policy in place.  You may view the policy or find a background check form by clicking on the respective links.

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