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All adult Sunday School Classes meet at 10:00 AM unless otherwise specified.


central cafe

Location: 2nd Floor

Contact: Merritt White

Focuses on an in-depth study of scripture in religious, historical, geo-political, and practical context.


Christian fellowship class

Location: 2nd Floor, Education Wing

Contact: Margaret Dabbs

Mission-minded class with rotating teaching by members and invited speakers. The class is very active in the community and a variety of church leadership roles. The class has a card ministry and is made up of a variety of ages; singles and couples are all welcome.



Location: 2nd Floor, Education Wing

Contact: Rotating Leadership

Women's class. Uses Cokesbury curriculum. Close knit and caring small group.


JESSie boger class

Location: 1st Floor, Langford Parlor

Contact: Fran Ussery

Primarily uses the United Methodist Church "Adult Bible Studies" series.


Faith Formation at Central UMC



Location: Basement, Kelly's Kafe

Contact: Savannah Glover

Primarily young adults, both couples and singles, though all are welcome.


Lester d. coltrane, jr.

Location: 2nd Floor

Contact: Jeff Gallup

Men's Bible Study class that uses the "Adult Bible Studies" series in its weekly lessons. Though the class is small, there is a bond of friendship and care for each member. Additionally, the class sends bereavement and "Caring About You" cards.


living values class

Location: Online (Zoom)

Contact: Nancy Duncan

Book discussions; open-minded and open-hearted.


new beginnings

Location: 2nd Floor,

Contact: Perry and Miriam Saunders

This class is an exploration of the Bible and history of Christianity. We hold weekly discussions about discipleship and what it means to be a Christian. This class is mostly made up of middle-aged couples and singles, though all are welcome.

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