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children at central

Central is committed to serving the needs of our wonderful children. Age-appropriate nursery rooms, professional nursery staff and welcoming arms are here for your child's comfort and safety. From music opportunities inside and outside of worship to Vacation Bible School over the summer, we offer several ways to get the children involved in the church.

Questions? Contact Liz Boldman at



nursery during worship

Location: 1st Floor, Office Wing

Contact: Liz Boldman

Time: Sundays, 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Ages: Birth -- Four Years Old

Staffed professionally with warm and friendly caregivers. Contact information is required so that you may be reached in case of an emergency.



Location: Sanctuary

Contact: Liz Boldman

Age:  8+ Years

Children are scheduled on a rotating basis to help light the candles during worship.


Location: 2nd Floor

Contact: Liz Boldman

Ages: K -- 5th Grade

In Bibleville, we use Orange 252 Kids Curriculum to teach our kids to make wise choices, build strong relationships, and develop a deeper faith. Engaging materials, short videos, crafts, and games fill our hour together. Our goal is to share the word of God with your children while helping them feel at home in church.



Location: Sanctuary

Contact: Susan Renz

Age: 8+ Years

Children are scheduled on a rotating basis to help ring the chimes at the beginning of worship.

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Cherub chimers and young chimers

Our children are welcome to join the music choir opportunities that we have for them! Each group practices often before playing their pieces in worship. Reach out to Susan Renz if you are interested or have questions about these programs.


Ages: 4 Years -- 1st Grade



Ages: 2nd Grade +

Central is dedicated to protecting its children and youth.  We have a Safe Sanctuaries policy in place.  You may view the policy or find a background check form by clicking on the respective links.

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