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Central is on a mission this year to help end hunger through the annual CROP Hunger Walk, and we need YOUR help!


After five decades of successful devotion as a volunteer for the CROP Hunger Walk, Lucy Shinn has retired and is ready to pass the torch on to a new generation. Central United Methodist Church of Concord, NC is determined to carry on Lucy's legacy this year in raising funds to help eradicate hunger in Cabarrus County and around the world!

So, how can you help?

This year, Central is collecting donations ONLINE to support the CROP Hunger Walk.

Please, do not write any checks to Central this year. Direct all funds to the online donation page we have set up.

Members of our congregation gather together for the annual CROP Walk in Cabarrus County.
The CROP Walk raises money to afford animals that will, in turn, aid communities with sustainable food and learning opportunities.
Members of our congregation gather together for the annual CROP Walk in Cabarrus County.

Join Central's Lucy Shinn Email Campaign.

If you're familiar with Lucy Shinn's Legacy, then you know all about Lucy and her list. Every year, when the CROP Walk rolled around, Lucy would go down her list and call everyone she knew and ask them to contribute to the cause.

We need your help to carry on her legacy of mass outreach.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Copy and paste the following message into an email.

  2. Send or forward that email to THREE OR MORE people you know.

  3. Then, challenge them to do the same.

Copy and paste into an email, send it to all your family and friends:

Hey friends,

Central UMC of Concord, NC is on a mission this year to raise funds that will help end hunger in our local and global community. For decades, member Lucy Shinn has spearheaded the church's efforts with the CROP Hunger Walk. Now that she is retired, I'm helping carry on her legacy by spreading the word and raising donations.

Head over to the following donation page and consider making a contribution. Any amount is the perfect amount!

Now, I challenge YOU to forward this email to THREE OR MORE people you know. Let's spread the word and end hunger, one step at a time!

Spread the word.

We need all hands on deck, so spread the word! Tell your family, your friends, your neighbor next-door, your neighbor across the street, even that person that sits two pews ahead of you that you've never spoken to that their contribution to the CROP Walk WILL make a difference.

Even if everyone donated just $1 to the cause, the impact would be HUGE.

Direct your referrals to this online donation page and ask them to each share with a friend.

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